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DISEASE – Carnaval sale!!!

DISEASE An exciting collaboration between Carnaval Press and sunseekers, involving almost 50 poets and some visual artists writing on the theme of disease.



Mare is a visual experiment by Catalan poet Jessica Pujol, around the issue of mare/ mother, which also evokes sea, sea waves, nightmares.


The Singing of the Mangroves | Gladys Mendía | Translated by Jèssica Pujol

“This chapbook reminds us how the journey of the hero, the existence of the universal mangrove, of which we also belong, because we are an entangle of roots and branches where the language is the communal pathway of the collective” (Alejandra Coz Rosenfeld). Gladys Mendia was born in Venezuela, she is a well known poet, writer, translator and publisher in South America. Her chapbook was translated to English by Catalan poet Jessica Pujol.


Crooked Heron | Lígia Dabul | Translated by Virna Teixeira

Brazilian poet and sociologist Lígia Dabul plays with words, musicality, and sensory perceptions in an unique style. This collection was a result of Ligia’s artistic residences in Monsanto, Portugal and Manchester. The cover was illustrated by Lua Celina. Now in its third edition.


SUITE 136 | Virna Teixeira

This hybrid work is a kind of prose-poetry documentary where Virna Teixeira fictionalises her medical experiences and gives voices to patients, while working in psychiatric wards in London. Translated by the author.


The country that inhabits me

Valéria Lourenço’s memories about the the difficult journey of her family.. An individual and collective testimony of afro-descendant people in Brazil.


Neverland is Too Far Away | Virna Teixeira

Virna Teixeira explores paradise lost, nomadism and disenchantment, searching for a land that doesn’t exist. Translated by the author and Edward Leek. Illustrated by Portuguese visual artist João Concha


Maternal Instincts | Virna Teixeira

Virna Teixeira’s Maternal Instincts is a conceptual reflection around feelings and the changes of the external spaces caused by motherhood. Bilingual edition, translated by the author.


Heloise in VIscera

A visceral prose poetry by Brazilian poet Adriana Zapparoli, a love story between a prostitute and a weak male. The chapbook was translated by poet and Brazilianist Charles A. Perrone.



Sem Mais Ninguém a Dizer Adeus | Fernando Naporano

Fernando Naporano is a Brazilian poet, musician and journalist based in Madrid. Sem Mais Ninguém a Dizer Adeus is his ninth books of poems. With a unique style, the glam rocker Fernando dialogues with music in a avant-garde and intensely romantic book. Portuguese only. With illustrations by Rey-Zorro.


23 Cartas a um Destinatário Desconhecido | Ghérasim Luca

A translation of Ghérasim Luca’s Levée D’Ecrou to Portuguese. Although Carnaval Press does not publish translations to Portuguese, an exception was made to this beautiful work, never translated before to a foreign language. Published in bilingual version. Translated by Laura Erber.